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- The Story of our time in Australia

And what a story it is............. a life changing, mind bubbling event, 2 share with everybody that wants to hear and know more about it......

The saga started June 2005. Rogier was deployed by his employer to Australia. It meant our arrival in Australia on 1 July 2005.

Two weeks serviced apartment meant two weeks to find a place. A relocation agent for 2 times half a day did not really help, even though it does give you a good idea what you can get for what money. Also gives you a little bit of insight into what area you should be looking at. We looked in the areas we set ourselves to find a place, but did not find a suitable place, until....... we started looking outside the areas we defined ourselves prior to arriving in Sydney.

A beautiful place in Westleigh, a suburb of Sydney, about 5 minutes by Train to the CBD,  with views over the Kuringai National Park, was the place of our choice. It was amazing, virtually within the National park, being surrounded by it. About 10 minutes drive to Thornleigh station, for Rogier to catch a train to the CBD. Quiet and all we needed. Nice recent kitchen and nice recent bathroom was within our price range.

That was the start of our adventure. Rogier started work almost immediately, and Martine helped get the kids into daycare, before starting work as well. We were a little bit concerned that Quentin, who has Down Syndrome, would not be readily accepted in a daycare, but the opposite was the case. Ozzies have a way better way of caring for those with disabilities. Just try normal school first (at Quentin's age Kindy of course), and Quentin was accepted pretty much instantly at a place close to Martine's work.

About a year down the track, Martine's work moved towards the CBD (Macquarie park) so a move was going to be on the agenda. But we were having a very good time at the place we were in Westleigh. What a coincidence, the landlord was returning from a stint overseas and wanted to get back into its property. With a months notice, it was adamant to find a new place soon. We found one, after a long search, in a higher price range, but nice, in Lane Cove. About 15 minutes by Bus to the CBD.

You may have kept up to date with the website we had up when we lived in Oz, accessing the RMQY home site though www.vandermast.nl, but this website is a narrative of our trip around Australia at the end of our stay in Oz.

At the end of our time in Sydney, we decided to travel OZ for around 9 Months. To prepare, we purchased Martine's 4WD, a 2005 Toyo Prado, from the lease company, and bought ourselves a 2007 Jayco Outback Swan campertrailer. Rogier started kitting out the Prado, with a Winch, Off road Cooper ST  tyres, and a drawer system in the back. For full specs of all our gear see the menu on the left.

Martine has kept a journal of our travels, so we include these journals as seperate pages attached for all to read. Please see the menu to the left.



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